Mosquito Control

  1. Beekeeper Tracking

    Mosquito Control tracks local beekeepers to prevent adverse effects to bee hives.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    View mosquito control related questions and answers.

  3. Links to Resources

    Access resources like articles by the Virginia Mosquito Control Association or the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

  4. Mosquito Facts

    View 8 mosquito facts that include details about mosquito control, mosquito characteristics, and Virginia history.

  5. Mosquito Spray Routes (PDF)

    Look over a map with numbered spray routes of the area.

  6. Mosquito Life Cycle

    Discover the life cycle of the mosquito which includes a transformation from the egg raft, to larva, pupa, and finally adult.

  7. Personal Protection

    Read Portsmouth's personal protection recommendations and the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) recommendations.

  8. Surveillance

    Crews perform daily surveillance in which they search for potential mosquito breeding.

  9. The Buzz Newsletter

    The Buzz is a monthly summary used to disseminate important information about mosquitoes and mosquito control in the City of Portsmouth.

  10. Trapping

    In order to determine where mosquito problems are the largest, crews trap mosquitoes weekly using a variety of traps.